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Summer 2018 course

MSCI:6070 Data Science
Data science / data mining course using Rattle. Intended for students in the MS and Graduate Certificate programs in Business Analytics.

Syllabi from recent offerings of

MSCI:4480 Knowledge Discovery
Beginning graduate / advanced undergraduate introduction to data mining and knowledge discovery. Appropriate for graduate students from all areas, and advanced undergraduate Computer Science and Engineering students. Focuses on predictive modeling, combining algorithmic details with lots of hands-on work in the application domain of your choice.

MSCI:9070 Data Science
Same as MSCI:6070 but for Full-Time MBA students.

MSCI:3500 Business Intelligence
Undergraduate-level introduction to data mining for business problems. Intended for BAIS majors but appropriate for any undergraduate student with some statistics knowledge.

6K:299 Intelligent Systems
PhD-level introduction to artificial intelligence. Appropriate for graduate students from all areas.

22C:242 Data Mining and Machine Learning
A seminar on machine learning and data mining topics. Requires 6K:275 or 22C:142 as a prerequisite.