Data Mining at Iowa Group

DMIG is a research group directed by Nick Street performing theoretical, algorithmic and applied research in data mining and machine learning. We are housed in the Tippie College of Business and share the ISOR lab. We welcome students and faculty from all academic disciplines who want to learn more about these areas.

Fall 2014 Meeting Schedule

Date Time Room Presenter Topic Resources
8/30 12:00-1:00 S364 PBB Organizational meeting    
9/5 1:00-2:30 C106 PBB Xun Zhou Identifying Patterns in Spatial Data slides
9/12 12:00-1:30 W326 PBB Qihang Lin Clustering with pairwise labels main paper
secondary paper
9/19 12:00-1:30 W326 PBB Kang Zhao and Nick Street Event time prediction paper
9/26 12:00-1:30 S104 PBB      
10/3 1:00-2:30 W364 PBB Fahrettin Cakir Using Correlation for Recourse Strategies in Fish Trawling  
10/10 12:00-1:30 S104 PBB no scheduled meeting    
10/17 12:00-1:30 W326 PBB Charisse Madlock-Brown Network analysis for evaluating capacity of translational science indicators
10/24 12:00-1:30 C104 PBB Mike Lash Early Prediction of Movie Success: What, Who, and When  
10/31 12:00-1:30 W326 PBB Wenjun Wang Influence-Guided Community Detection in Social Networks abstract
11/7 10:30-12:00 S104 PBB Guanglin Xu Generalized Power Method for Sparse Principal Component Analysis paper
11/14 12:00-1:30 W326 PBB Chao Yang Using Personal Traits For Brand Preference Prediction  
11/21 12:00-1:30 W326 PBB Amin Vahedian Khezerlou Process mining paper
11/28       Iowa / Nebraska  
12/5 11:00-12:00 S104 PBB Zubair Shafiq Paying for Likes? Understanding Facebook Like Fraud Using Honeypots paper
12/12     no scheduled meeting